Making the Best Use of Google Scholar

5 Ways Google Scholar Can Help You in Google Template

If you are looking for a simple yet reliable source for your presentations, research papers, or exam notes, here are 5 ways Google Scholar can help you with your project. You’ve been using Google to search for Cover Letter Examples and many other things; it’s time to take a look at Google Scholar.

Well Researched Content

Google Scholar is a simple search engine just like the search bar on Google’s homepage. The only difference is that scholar returns results of relevant academic works pertaining to your search. This has redefined the process of E-learning and made it more effective in every possible way. It’s a fine filtering of search engine tool.

Easy Citations

Google Citation

Citations are not an easy task if you are a last minute Bibliography writer. How do you easily quote the names of the books or other resources that you have used during the research phase of your project-cum-presentation? For this, you can use the Cite button to ease your work.

Research Papers

Google Scholar has a huge database of commendable research papers submitted by various scholars. So you know where to get the data you required. This is another wonderful Google Scholar application.

Reliable Libraries

Google Scholar allows the users to easily create libraries of relevant data to use one your need. What’s more? You can browse through those libraries that others have created on the topics of your interest. This is a great time saver and comes very handy instead of starting your work afresh.

Scholar Alerts

Google Scholar alerts is the best thing that can happen to you if you are following up on a current event. Every time a paper or a book is published related to the alert created, you will instantly get notified and you can access the latest papers easily. This makes sure that you have access to the latest data at your fingertips.


Google Scholar is truly an amazing resource for students, researchers, and enthusiasts who want to get quick and reliable research resources. If you are not using it yet, it is time to start.


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